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Monday, May 10, 2004


What a beautiful base! It was a very eye opening experience for me. Didn't get a lot of pictures because there was a storm coming in, but did get a tour of the base, saw CentCom (from the road), ate at the food court (more below) and shopped the commissary. I got to watch some people golfing (beautiful course) and best of all the F16s taking off and landing. Over all I had a great time. The hardest part for me was not saying Thank You to all the men and woman I came across. I didn't want to look like a complete dweeb, so I maintained my dignity, but it was still a bit tough.

Here is a photo that I managed to snap showing the view from base housing. (THE PICTURE DID NOT COME THRU WELL AT ALL SO I TOOK IT DOWN! Sorry - but believe me, it's a beautiful view of Tampa Bay! Water, water, water!)

I only had one real issue. I went to buy lunch in the food court. There was a nice gentleman in line before me and we both stood there waiting. And waiting. And waiting. After 10 mins he said that he had already been there 5 mins before I got there - and NO One Had Even Acknowledged our being there. I told him it seemed strange to have that much lack in customer service, he said that no, it was fairly common. He just never said anything in a situation like this, being on the base and all. I then told him I had a plan - I'd pass out (from lack of food) he could then step up and give his order when they turned around to see what the commotion was. While he was ordering I really wanted a Diet Pepsi and some Nachos. We had a good laugh and still waited. And waited. He finally did speak up, and they got very rude with him - but we got served.

Here's my question. Is that really the norm? If so, WHY!?! In my devoted little heart, I think those in uniform, especially on a base deserve BETTER service. WTF is wrong with this picture?!?

Anyway, it was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. No, I didn't embarrass myself or anyone else. I behaved. dammit.


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