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Friday, May 14, 2004

More and More People are Talking 

I just got a call from my corporate husband. He wanted to let me know that one of the talk radio stations in Ft. Meyers has a special show on Bloggers and the coverage of the prison scandal and Nick Berg. It also covered how Blogs are becoming more and more important in the communication and information sharing arena.

I think that is really cool! I know I have a lot of friends that just don't "get all this". They don't understand the draw (or addiction, as it were). BUT...when they want info on something that is in the news who do they call? ME. Because they know I've been out here reading and researching and learning as much as I can.

I'm thrilled that we are starting to get such good publicity. Oh, I still write because I love it, I just like the fact that more and more people are seeking out what the real stories are.


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