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Thursday, May 06, 2004

My First Concert 

Last nights call got me thinking about my first concert. It was right after my divorce. I had moved to Tampa and hadn't had much of a chance to meet people outside of work. I did hit it off really well with my largest customer's buyer. She called one afternoon to see if I wanted to go see Brooks and Dunn with her that Friday.


Well, in the meantime one of the guys she worked with invited himself along. Seems that she was fairly new to the company and he had "taken a shine to her" and wanted a chance to spend some time outside of work. I tried to back out, but it was an awkward situation (first "date" since her divorce) and she was holding my feet to the fire.

So the big night finally arrives. I get all decked out in my favorite bootcut jeans, white top and sexy old cowboy boots. I Was Ready. Charlie arrives to pick up us and off we go. **You probably can't tell from my writing but I'm a very high energy person. And when I'm excited I make a 4 year old on his first trip to Disney look laid back.**

Our seats were awful - for most people. They were at the very top of the Orena in Orlando. Personally, I loved them. No one behind me so I didn't have to worry about blocking anyone's view. Dancing was definitely on my agenda.

The first act comes out. JoDee Macina. Just as her career was starting to take off. She was great. I'm dancing and singing along happy as a lark. Next act - I can't remember who he was, just how he looked in those jeans. Teresa swears to this day I hollered out "Oh My God!! It's my next ex-husband!" I don't remember that, but it's highly probable. Again, stand up and dance was high on my priority list.

Finally - Brooks and Dunn. These guys rock. If it says anything at all I had no voice left at all by the end of the evening. Luckily - there was no one if front of us for a few rows either!

Now you may have noticed that I'm not exactly a shy person. I am all about enjoying yourself. And I did. Charlie still gets the chuckles when we talk about that evening. He always tells me he was more than a little worried about the ride home with me in the car!

The funniest part was the guy running the lights in the section right next to me. He kept missing his cues so badly they sent someone up to see what was going on. After 1 song they decided to leave both guys up there. I heard the new guy saying something about the show expanding to a second stage. :)

So I am looking forward to my evening. I don't see a lot of dancing going on tonite. Mainly because we have killer seats up by the stage. But I can promise my voice will be just about shot!


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