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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

NOW What Do I Do? 

So I'm puttering around trying to work and pack and laundry and dishes. Busy Busy Busy.

Around 3:00 I realized I was pretty hungry - I had forgotten to eat today. So I grabbed my keys, a couple of bucks and my sunglasses and ran out the door.

I've mentioned before that my current townhouse is on a lovely little pond. I often have lovely blue heron's, engrats, and an ugly little creature called a turkey duck. These ducks are just about the ugliest creature I've ever seen. Black, with a red spot on the top of their head and white blotches all over. They are very arrogant beings - once they settle into an area they seem to take over.

Anyway - as I'm dashing out of the house I stop for just a moment to enjoy the prettier of the waterfowl and then jump into the car. Turn the key, crank the stereo and put her into reverse. BaBump. Shoot. Pull car back up, put it into park and get out to see what the heck that was.

Well shit. I killed a turkey duck. I can't leave him laying out there, it would upset the little neighbor girl terribly, not to mention the smell. Trash is Thursday - shoot, I won't be here. Going to stay at the new house a couple of days do to early morning meetings. Now what?

I came up with a plan, won't bore you with the details, just know the duck will get a proper disposal. But damn, I killed a turkey duck! What else is gonna happen?!?!


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