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Saturday, May 29, 2004


Over this holiday weekend, so many of us will be rushing around - BBQing, boating, spending time with family and friends. But - we should also take some time to remember just what this holiday is all about.

As I sit here having my coffee I've come across some beautiful reminders, tributes and inspiration. I'm linking to the pages, not the stories as there are many great things at each of these sites. Matt, Blackfive is, of course a must read. John at Castle Arrggghhh tells us of someone we really should know. Blake tells us of love and sacrifice. Lex makes some beautiful points in his Friday Musings. Jennifer Martinez has some wonderful posts up that will make you proud, and raise your blood pressure.

These are by no means all that is out there right now. But it's a good start. Settle back and click. Then click some more. Then - visit some of the sites written by our troops in the sandbox. Let them know we are thinking of them, tell them how much we appreciate their sacrifices. Show them your gratitude.

Have a wonderful (and safe) holiday weekend. But please, in midst of all that is going on - take time to remember why.


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