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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Settle Back.... 

this may take a while! I'm finally, finally really, really home. No trips on the horizon until after the move! Yeah. Problem is, now we're not sure exactly where that move will be (again). Confused? Join the crowd - let me tell you about my week! :)

As my previous post eluded to, it was a very successful week for me. Outstanding might be the best word. After my success of Wednesday it only got better. I had a chance to show my true colors to some "execs" that I hadn't had any exposure to and it went very well indeed. So well, that my boss asked me Thursday if I had signed my lease yet - cause they may be giving me a better territory closer to where I live now that is already established and would be right near the water! :)

Then I had a great weekend. You see, I've been keeping a secret from you all. I had a blog meet. Yep - my very first one! I met up with Blake at Laughing Wolf just south of Atlanta and we spent some time just touring around and talking. Of course, spending 4 hours on the side of the road when my car broke down wasn't the highlight of the trip, but at least we had some great conversations! **Tip - DO NOT take your car to Pep Boys for any repairs or such! It took me getting a bit "rough" for them to honor their guarantee**

We went to the Warner Robbins Airforce Base - Museum of Aviation. I was like a kid in a candy store. And it was especially great, since Blake knew so much about many of the planes and the history. I hope I didn't embarrass him too much with my enthusiasm. I do tend to gush a bit.

We toured Macon and ate great BBQ and southern cooking. I stayed at a wonderful Bed & Breakfast in Perry GA, The Swift Street Inn. Joy and Mike, the Innkeepers, were delightful. I have never enjoyed myself as much as I did while I was there. Talk about getting spoiled! And Joy can cook!! I highly recommend anyone that is in that area of Macon take time to stay there! (I'll put up a link to their website as soon as I unpack the card.)

Saturday afternoon I curled up on the veranda with a good book, listened to the rain and realized how great life really is. I am so lucky to be able to visit places and make new friends - it really adds the spice to life.

In case I didn't say it - Thanks for driving over and spending some time with me Blake. It was lots of fun!!

Anyway - got up this morning and had a leisurely drive home. Hoping to keep this peaceful, happy feeling going thru this week. You see, Friday is when the boss is making the final, final decision and announcement on where we will all be. I'm keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed. I win either way, but I'm greedy - I want to be close to my friends and family (not to mention my favorite beach).

So - that was my week. Not bad, was it?!? I'm now strolling thru the blogshere, trying to catch up. You should have seen me - a weekend without a computer! The DTs were pretty sever Friday! :)


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