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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Slow Sunday 

It's going to be a lazy Sunday for me. Going to spend some quality time with my cousin and her family most of the day. I went yesterday and got the keys to the new house and took a tour with the landlords so I know how to work everything and where all the important things are. I didn't realize I had a heated pool! How cool is that - I'll be livin' large.

Doing that made it all so real. I'm moving in 2 weeks. I know it's not across country again. But it's still far enough away that I can't just pop in to see people. No last minute BBQs, family nites that just come together.

I'm a little emotional today. You see, I need people. I need the regular hugs and touches, just like everyone else. We have a beautiful baby boy that graced our family with his being 6 months ago. I have come to depend on the sound of his laughter and his smile when I pick him up to lighten my day. Those will now be special occasions.

Anyway - posting will be light today. I thought I'd just do a little linking for you.

Had a bit of a cry with my morning coffee when I clicked over here (via Randy's place). It's beautiful. Check it out.

Sgt. Hook tells us about a bit of excitement over his way in this piece. BTW - have you stopped in and left him a comment lately?

Teresa shares her thoughts and findings on the media and Nick Berg's story.

Laughing Wolf, being the gentleman he is, reminds us the best revenge is prayer.

Tim, at Cpt. Patti, shares some good news from the sandbox - with this required reading. (He also finally added comments, Yeah!)

Matt shares the story of a Marine that is simply amazing!

Jennifer Martinez has a cute meme highlighting why sometimes age is a good thing.

That ought to get you started. Enjoy your Sunday. Take some time with those you love - don't take that for granted. It's a precious gift.


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