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Monday, May 17, 2004

So It Goes 

Well, I've had a great weekend with the family. Got lots of baby smile and snuggling. Never enough, but then I can be greedy.

And I think that is the crux of my feeling a bit down right now. I had allowed myself to become greedy. I wanted it all.

I have a job I love (for the most part). I make decent money, sell a product I believe in, and get to train and present. I've been given my own territory with opportunities you wouldn't believe. But, I didn't want that territory.

I wanted near my friends and family. I'm tired of finding great jobs that take me away from everyone that matters to me. I'm tired of starting over.

I have a wonderful new house to move into. Heated pool, 4 bedrooms, only 1 year old. It's in a quiet area, out away from the city - everything I always said I wanted. But, I WANT to stay in my townhouse. I don't mind the small lanai, I have a view of the pond and all the lovely birds. I get to hear the kids in the neighborhood laughing and playing. My new house is surrounded by snowbirds that only come down 1 or 2x a year - no children.

You see - I wanted to stay where I am, with the people I know and love (my support group) in my old townhouse and take a territory I already know. Simple, isn't it. But it didn't happen. Up until Saturday afternoon I still had hope that it might. But - I gotta go.

I've never ever asked for everything I want personally. This time I did. It didn't turn out the way I wanted, but at least I asked. So - I gotta get my self in gear. All packing and such had been on hold waiting for the final decision. I now have 2 weeks to make all this happen - plus do my job. Yikes. Posting will most likely be light so bear with me. With any luck we'll have the new house and the new site done at the same time.


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