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Monday, May 03, 2004

This Is Just Sick 

OK - now I'm pissed. Blackfive posts a plan shown on IndyMedia that is about the lowest, crapiest thing I've heard in some time. It's amounts to a big bad sucker punch - and I got no respect for that kind of shit.

It seems a poster at the IndyMedia wants to encourage people to join Soldiers Angels. "Make nice the first couple of contacts" and then start slamming them with anti-war info and such. ACTUALLY HOPING TO ENCOURAGE THEM TO KILL THEIR OWN OFFICERS!!! I'm so pissed I'm shaking.

GO to Blackfive's post and get the contact information and start slammin' out some e-mails. Make some calls - scream out in anger on the side of the road. DO SOMETHING to draw attention to this despicable thought process. This is the lowest thing I've heard in my life.

Soldiers Angels brings hope and comfort to our troops - let's them know we love and support them. To use this wonderful organization to hurt and demean our military is beyond anything I can find words for.

PLEASE - I know I've been asking a lot of favors lately, but we can't let this go. We have to stand up to this shit and let them know we ARE stronger, we ARE NOT going to let them get away with this!!!!!


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