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Friday, May 21, 2004

Today Was A Waste 

Well, if anything could go wrong it did today. First I'm packing up some in the kitchen, running the washing machine and trying to get some things together to run over to the new house this weekend. All of a sudden complete silence. There are no lights. What the hell???? I go outside and it's the friendly(?) electric guy.

Ms. Tammi? We got that power switched off like you wanted.

OK - thank you, but that was supposed to be NEXT WEEK.

Oh, well, I can't turn it back on until you talk to the office.

Call the office - sorry for the mixup we'll get that taken care of.

Turn around - guy is gone (story of my life). 6 hours later they come back. It's almost 90 here today. AND I couldn't blog.


Couple of other things thrown into the fray and it was pretty much a crappy day. Anyway - now I'm pissed off so I'm gonna spend as much time as I want sitting here at my desk blogging away.

Hrumph. That'll teach 'em.


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