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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Well Shoot 

Don't let anyone say I am not a loyal employee.

I've mentioned (often) about the big hockey game tonite. I've worked like a crazy woman trying to get stuff done so I can sit and enjoy it. Also - I'm moving. By My Self. No Help (for the preliminary stuff anyway). It's been kinda busy around here.

My boss just called. Needs me to do a couple of training classes tomorrow. 1st one @ 10:00am in Venice (2 hours from here). The 2nd in the mid-afternoon.

Problem. I already moved my samples and training kits to the other house (2 hours in the OTHER direction). In order to do this with any semblance of common sense I'm going to need to drive to the other house tonite, pick up the kits and then come home. The game starts in 20 mins.

I'm bummed.


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