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Thursday, May 13, 2004

What SICK Minds! 

Running out for an appointment and checked in at Smash's place only to find THIS.

an excerpt:
AN ALERT READER points me to a brand new website put up by someone in the Anti-War movement, called “America’s Dumbest Soldiers.” It shows photos of Coalition soldiers who have been killed in the Iraq conflict, describes how they died, and allows you to vote on them. I’m guessing that we’re meant to vote on who had the “dumbest death."

These mother f'ers must actually think this sort of thing is cute. I'm beyond pissed. I can't even express the way this sort of thing makes me feel - you need to read the entire article. Then go and let these bastards know exactly what you think. I'm waiting to calm down for a minute - I don't type so well when I'm this worked up.

Go Read The Entire Thing. NOW!

Well, son of a bitch. The chickenshit bastards don't allow the opportunity to leave comments, not that I can find anyway. I say - keep checking back at Smash's place. If anyone will come up with a plan to let them know what we think, it's him!


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