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Monday, May 24, 2004


It's the Monday before I move. Oh My Goodness. Got a couple of things I'm gonna have to get done.

2. Fix blogroll (see, I've got priorities)
4. Take load of precious items to new house
5. Return copier/printer/scanny thingy to mfg.
6. Go to Staples & fax paperwork to plant
7. Large Diet Coke
8. Contact movers - where the heck are you guys
9. Meet fried to give away family room furn.
10. Come home, pack more
11. Make lists, plan out rest of week

Oh - and I will eat at some point. Damn, doesn't look like much but those are just the must do's for today. I also have to field calls from customers and fix a couple of shipping issues that have been hanging out there.

OK - where's that damn coffee and my hat? I gotta hit the road.


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