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Friday, June 11, 2004

Coming Soon! 

I was visiting Mr Green's site only to discover I am no longer on the inside track with the Amish community. Seems they are planning an Amish-inspired Theme Park near where I grew up.

First off - nothin' but corn and soy bean fields in the area. Well, except for the trailer factories. So, they going to put hotels up in the park? Hmmmm Amish Hotels??!! The food would be great, but it's kinda tough getting ready in the morning with no electric. And I can promise you that the outhouses are never pleasant, I don't care how often they are cleaned.

As far as rides, are we talking turbo buggy rides? How much they planning on paying the schmuck that has to clean up behind the horses? Tower of Doom could be pulled off somewhat. Go to the door at the top of the barn and jump off into a pile of hay. The rush actually lasts all the way to the hospital when they start to set your arm.

I can think of one advantage. Maybe they can convince LeeAnn to give up the fairy floss career and take over concessions. I would pay big money to see her in a cape dress and covering hawking Amish baked goods.


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