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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Fathers Day 

I've mentioned my Father in several of my postings. He left us on August 7, 1972. I had just turned 10 years old. My world changed that day. It felt like it ended, but in retrospect it just changed.

My Mother has never dated since my Father's passing. She is still in love with the greatest man we have ever known. You know what, so am I. I'm not afraid to admit that I compare the men in my life to him - their eyes, their humor, their view on life. I'll also admit, those are some big shoes to fill.

My Father loved to laugh. He loved to make others laugh. But not in a clownish sort of way. His way with a story, his wit.....I smile just remembering.

My Father loved his family. His family was the most important thing in his world. He adored my Mother and we all knew it. There was never a doubt. But that love spilled over my sister and I. Flooded our lives with that golden light that made us better people. He didn't yell. But that look on his face, that "You've disappointed me" look was more than enough to put a temper tantrum out the door.

My Father was an inventor. He loved to "tinker". He was always coming up with some new toy for us. The neighbor kids were always stopping in. Not to play with us, they wanted to see the latest toy or game. He loved that. He loved children.

My Father was a man of faith. He was raised a Christian, lived as a Christian and we are certain he is in heaven now, waiting for us. When he was visiting his parents, just before the accident, my Grandmother said she was a bit worried about this trip. Daddy just told her not to worry. He said when he was up in that plane he felt even closer to God. He used that time to pray.

I miss my Father, every day. I wonder if he would be proud of me. I have tried to live my life by the standards he set, I have to work at that everyday. Many times, when things will get tough or I'm just lonely I can almost feel his arms holding me, just like when I was 3 years old and something had broken my too tender heart. I can hear him tell me it'll be ok. Don't quit, keep trying. The best things in life are those you have to work for.

So on this Fathers Day I just wanted to introduce you to my Daddy. He was a wonderful man. You would have liked him.


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