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Thursday, June 03, 2004

First Impression 

I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but in the midst of EVERYTHING else going on right now, we got a new VP at work. And - my first meeting with him was Wednesday morning.

I stayed at the new house so I could be certain not to be late. I decided to wear a very cool red skirt ensemble, I feel good in red and needed that little bit of confidence. I haven't been hitting my stores like I should as was afraid I get a bit of a lecture on coverage during this meeting.

So - I took time to make sure everything was just right. Printed out my territories, account lists, extra copy of my resume (in case he wanted detail information) and my "brag book" of analysis and such. I leave the house plenty early and get to the hotel with 30 mins. to spare.

Meanwhile, of course I'm on the phone. I talk. A lot. Ask anyone. Anyway - I'm having an important conversation with my old TM in Boston and we're really intent. I look at the clock and the meeting is slated to start in 5 mins. so I get off the phone, check my paperwork, freshen up the lipstick and head in.

I walk into the lobby, past the front desk and spot everyone in the restaurant. There's a little wall separating the corridor and tables so my old boss hollers over at me to see if I want coffee. Duh. Of course I do.

So they bring me coffee and come out to the corridor. I'm standing there smiling and pleasant. The new VP just stops and stares. The other rep walks away laughing. My old TM hands me my coffee and tells me "Sweetie, I'm gonna need to you to go back out to the car and put your shoes on." Yep, that's right - I was in such a hurry I forgot to put my shoes on when I got out of the car.

Now, I hate to wear shoes. I have more than any one woman needs, I just don't like to wear them. The joke is, I'll kick them off anywhere, as soon as I can. In most meetings I've got them off as soon as I'm at the table. When I'm presenting I use the excuse that I walk on the mattresses so I have to take them off. My nickname with this company is the bohemian.

So this is the first impression my new VP has. Me, standing in the corridor of a hotel barefoot. Thank goodness he has a good sense of humor.


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