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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

A Friend Indeed 

The move is over, I'm done traveling for a few weeks and things are settling down a bit. Bet you thought I'd be done whining, didn't you. Well don't you worry little buckaroo - I gots more to whine about and I'm gonna share it!

Yes, I'm in the house. Well, sort of. Still a lot of boxes out in the garage, so technically speaking I'm still in process. The real problem is getting organized. I'm not. At all. That's really not working well for me, let me just say.

Even though I've been a road warrior for a long time, I've always had a home base that was in a corporate office. You know, cubicle, secretaries, co-workers - the normal stuff. I got none of that now. My boss and my co-workers are voices on the phone for most of the time. No nice tidy (well, that might be stretching it a bit) cubi for all my stuff to go in. No onsite IT dept. to set up my computer, fix any printing errors, hook-up my fax. No co-workers to bounce ideas off of, to compare how they have things set up (cking for ideas). None of that. Plus, I've got to be out and about. Everyday if I want to hit my targets. Hence the dilemma.

I don't have the first clue as to how to set up this office so it is efficient and does what I need it to do. I'm struggling with my virtual office and how that should work out of my trunk. Now I can hear you asking yourself why I'm having these problems now when I've been on this job for a while. Because of the move! I kept putting off setting up the office as I knew I'd be undoing everything (I hate wasted effort). So I suffered in chaos and thought that I'd find that golden pot of organization at the end of the moving rainbow. NOT.

But never fear - I have a solution. It is in the form of my brilliant and talented and oh so organized friend. LeeAnn (currently blogless but commenting) is about the best I've ever known/seen/heard of when it comes to organization. In other words she knows her shit! Plus, she has a sense of humor that makes the mundane fun. So, here's the plan. She and her wonderful husband are comin' to the new house to help remove my head from that dark place it has been residing. I'm so happy! I'm so grateful!! We're actually going to have some fun!! AND I won't be pulling out my hair in utter frustration. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU LeeAnn!!!!!

BTW - I'm trying to talk her into starting a blog of her own. If you read my comments you may have seen some of her stuff. She's good. Hey Harvey! You'll like her. She can turn a regular personals ad into something akin to shoe porn!! :)

Anyway - I can see the light. It's bright enough to make me squint. I will be organized again. I will. I will.


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