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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I Just Gotta Say 

I love music. I know I've talked about it before, but this post at Lex's really got me paying attention again.

I had to leave the house this morning at 6:00am to be in Ft Meyers for a funeral. That's a pretty long drive on a good day, so as usual I loaded up the CD player. I usually listen to Country Music, but I love all types. I just bought the Los Lonely Boys disc - GREAT!! GREAT!! Latin music for everyone! I happen to have a passion for it, and cannot sit still when listening. I highly recommend this one folks.

Anyway, when I listen to music it's not like most people do. I hear every level. I separate the levels and let them build slowly until they come together in a piece that takes your breath away. Yes, even the simplest of country songs can do this. My very favorite "tapestry song" is from The Indigo Girls, Galileo. That song has so many threads, the harmonies are so incredible and then add in the voices - geez. I have to stop what I'm doing to listen. I can't help it. My mind is drawn to the music. Too many years of music theory is all I can figure.

I can't have classical music playing nicely in the background. It's not possible. Again, I'm pulled into it. I see the lines build. I feel the tension, the release consumes me.

I love piano, which I started playing at 5 and stopped at 22. I was alright, I have perfect hands for it, but I was never great. I love the guitar - one instrument I never got to learn. Maybe some day. I do play 13 instruments, but my main focus was always voice. I studied opera for years and could do pretty darn well with a nice Italian aria. At least that's what they told me. I enjoyed it. The passion, the anger, the loss, the love. It was a wonderful vehicle of expression. I still catch myself singing some of my favorites around the house. My family is never surprised when I start singing Te Deum as it was always one song close to my heart.

So, what am I going on about? As I sit here working on stuff for tomorrow, I have the Digital Country Music station playing on the TV and I found myself bopping around, singing as I worked and a couple of times stopping just to "perform" one of my favorites. And for me, dancing goes with the music. I started dance class at the age of 3 in the hope that I would gain enough coordination to walk across a room without hurting myself or someone else. Didn't work, but I did learn to love the movement with the music. For a while I taught Ball Room dancing, to help with the bills. I love the Latin dances and that was my specialty. I can figure out a way to Cha Cha to almost anything. :) So if I'm singin' or hummin' I'm dancing. You can bet on it.

I just love the fact that I can finally surround myself with music, all day every day. What I want, when I want, however loud I want it. I love that I can dance around and enjoy it. I'm so grateful for the music. I just need to say it.


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