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Monday, June 21, 2004

I'm So Proud 

One more thing about yesterday's party. My 13 year old niece simply amazed me. She is an artist and, I'm just finding out, a damn fine writer. She has a tradition where she makes cards for everyone. I'd like to share the one she made for Mom's retirement with you.

It's about 2 feet tall and decorated with ribbon and pieces of colored paper pasted on in a beautiful design. But it's what she wrote that got to me.

"Grandma, I'm sure your years of service at IUSB has pleased many people. I also know that you are highly appreciated, and I hope that you have a wonderful time now that you are able to lay back and relax. I hope the rest of your life ahead of you brings happiness and joy. I also hope now that you have time for yourself, that you are occupied, and have fun with your spare time. Love Heather"

The back of the card she drew the Hallmark sign and put her name in the crown.

I'm thinking VP of Creativity might just fit her well in a few years!


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