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Monday, June 07, 2004

An Interesting Weekend 

Did someone get the info on that truck that hit me? Damn. I feel like someone ran over me with a Mack Truck then backed up and did it again. But, I'm proud to say I now have everything I own in one location - mostly still in boxes (missed that midnight deadline last night) but all in one place.

I wanted to share a funny conversation I had over the weekend. My movers were great! They worked their asses off but we had a good time laughing and talking the entire time.

The driver, Denny, is the only one that was here both days. He is a very nice guy, with a very heavy accent and dry sense of humor - made it a little tough to understand him sometimes but we got along famously.

By Sunday afternoon we had become old friends. Nothing like a little sweat and blood (the blood being mine) to form bonds. It seems that Denny developed a bit of concern over me and felt that we needed to discuss it before he drove off into the sunset.

So, we're sitting at the kitchen table signing all the paperwork when he broached a subject that anyone that knows me well would avoid like the plague. My living situation vs My Life.

Ms. Tammi, I gotta admit I'm a little worried about you.

Really Denny, why is that?

Well, you're young, you have a good job, nice house. You're funny and smart. But you're all alone. You gotta stop moving so much. You need to settle down and have a family. In a few years you will wake up and be all alone and wonder where your life went.

(You need to know that is one of my goals, but a girls gotta work, a girls gotta support herself. Ouch - a virtual stranger has noted all this in 2 days! How pathetic is that!!)

I explained that whole concept that sales is not a career, it's a lifestyle and that I'm hoping to only have to make 1 more move in the next 2 years.

But what is it that leads people to make these comments? Trust me, we didn't talk personal at all. We laughed over how many times I've moved in the last 8 years, all for work. We didn't discuss the fact that I haven't had a real date in 2 years, we didn't go in that direction at all. I guess it's a little obvious that it's just me. After all they did pack a lot of my personal stuff, so that's a little hard to hide.

I promised Denny that I would do my best to slow down and start enjoying life. I thanked him for his concern and he drove off into the sunset. Hopefully I put his mind at rest, but what's up with that?!?! What is it about me that people just want to adopt?!?

Anyway - now it's settle in time. Almost have the kitchen completely done. Next is the office. I have to be in Miami tomorrow for 3 days and have 2 presentations to prepare. Then a very important meeting in Daytona Friday that I haven't even researched yet. My focus right now is to get through the next week and then I'm going to go Home. Chicago. A little pampering by my Mom, quality time with my Sister an her kids. A celebration with my best friend (she's getting married TODAY!). I'm hopeing to get the chance to meet up with Teresa, what a treat that would be!! I think that's just what the doctor ordered.


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