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Saturday, June 19, 2004

It Was 59 In Chicago Today! 

When on the phone with Teresa trying to find each other I told her I was easy to spot. Really Really tall lady freezing her ass off! Oh My Goodness!!! It never fails. If I come up north, any time of the year, there are near record cold temperatures. When I got off the train tonite in South Bend it was flippin' 53!

But despite the freezing temperatures we had a wonderful day! Lunch at Heaven on Seven (wonderful Cajun) and then wandering around Marshall Fields. Not really shopping just talking out of that famous Chicago wind.

What a wonderful Lady! Can I just say that?! She is even more warm and interesting in person than you see in her writing. And funny - yep, she's really funny! Teresa - thanks so much for taking the time to meet up with me. I really enjoyed myself and we will have to do this again next time I get up here!!!!!


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