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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Just as I was Leaving 

Yesterday was my last morning at the old house. I got up and went and got coffee to have my final few minutes on the lania watching the wildlife around my little pond.

It has been very dry here and the water level is dangerously low. We have fish dying and have seen a bit less action. I did find a beautiful Bald Eagle had built a nest right out from my house. I cannot express how incredible it was to sit and watch him as he sat in that nest, master of all he surveyed. What a very special treat that was.

As I said, there hasn't been as many birds around and I just passed it off to the low water level. Well, I was wrong. As I was finishing up my coffee I spotted it. A gator has moved in to the neighborhood. Yep, he was about 4' long and just sitting on the far side of the shoreline sunning and waiting. I can only hope he wasn't waiting for the cute little Yorkie that lives next door.

Jim at Parkway Reststop definitely wouldn't have appreciated his addition to the area. In fact my first thought was that I had to let him know!! So this one is for you Jim. :)


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