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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Just Go Away - Please 

I have deliberately avoided anything and everything to do with Clinton's book. I won't watch any of the interviews, and you can bet the house on the fact I won't be reading the book. Ever.

This morning as I was browsing through the web I came across this article in the Indy Star. It's Sunday morning, I really want to spend some time catching up on things, and figured it might have a slightly different take on the current circus like atmosphere surrounding our Ex.

It touches on the strange relationship that Clinton has had with the Press over the years. Amazingly enough Clinton complains that the media has always been too hard on him, and, for instance, gave Kenneth Star a free ride.

It also brought back these rather embarrassing memories.
Sometimes it came in the form of an old clip, like the one "60 Minutes" hauled out of Bill and Hillary Clinton batting down Gennifer Flowers' accusations for Rather's colleague Steve Kroft back in 1992, a risky move that was generally credited with righting a listing presidential campaign. Or an infamous clip, like the finger-wagging "I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky," piece of tape whose "nyah-nyah!" re-airing by the networks this week seemingly was the price Clinton had to pay for sucking up so much free airtime.

When I see or remember those clips I think of lies, betrayal and embarrassment. But that's not what really caught my attention in this article. It was the final line:

Meanwhile, some 600,000 copies of "My Life" sold in the first two days, a few undoubtedly to viewers who heard "GMA's" Gibson ask Clinton if he suffered from "a fatal flaw of Shakespearean dimension."

"I don't think so," he said. "The one problem I didn't have was abuse of power. I think that I fought against abuse of power."
(emphasis mine)

He fought against abuse of power. Hmmm. I'm gonna have to disagree. It seems to me he abused that power in a way I had seen often in my life. In fact, he reminded me of a CEO for a company I used to work for. Taking advantage of every perk, every little thing that came with the position. And believing it was his right and just who the heck are we to question him. Does that constitute "abuse of power"? In my mind it's a start - it's that TAKING ADVANTAGE OF that lights my fire.

Honestly, if Bill Clinton had not been in a position of extreme power and authority he wouldn't have had the opportunities laid (pun intended) out for him. Oh he'd have had the option to honor his promises and vows or not, but not at the extent that he had opportunities for. He used/abused that power to make himself happy. I think that falls into the abuse of power category.

I want him and his book to go away. He is embarrassing me again. This man was the President of the United States of America for 8 long years. He writes a book and all anyone can talk about are cigars, blue dresses and lies that he was caught in. That's one hell of a legacy Bill. I'm so glad you're proud of it. At least someone is.


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