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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

No, I Didn't Hurt Them 

Well, that was an interesting evening - to say the least.

I took my oldest niece and her boyfriend to dinner. Still trying to work through how I feel about that. It was a nice evening. Talking, stories, laughing, and eating a plenty. And, through my strong sense of responsibility and the fact that I gave my word - I didn't embarrass my niece at all. Pretty good for me!

Then I stopped by my best friend's house to see the work she has done and spend a bit of time talking before I left. Things were a bit tense and I tried to leave, but she wouldn't let me. Eventually she, her new husband and I sat down in the living room for a nice little chat. A few minutes later his brother stopped by.




I won't elaborate much, but suffice it to say I think I saw him in a supporting role of Deliverance.

Anyway, I'm gonna be nice. So she introduces us and he is captivated by the fact that I live in Florida. Then spent the next 30 mins. telling me where certain towns are located. Hey - you guys remember that I'm a Road Warrior, right? I have lived in Florida for over 8 years and have spent all that time on the roads of that state making a living. I kinda of have pretty good idea where things are - and he was so wrong. But, out of respect for Sharon and her new family I bit my tongue. Hard.

About that time Bother in Law asks if anyone saw the news. (Sharon tenses) Did anyone hear what happened to that guy from South Korea? (Sharon turns to me) I move to the front of the couch and announce that it was time for me to leave. Bother in Law continues on about the death and moves into the situation in Iraq. YIKES Believe it or not, he and I are on opposite sides of the spectrum. He wonders a loud why we are there and when the hell we're bring our troops home. Sharon's new husband agrees with him. OK - I really really need to leave now.

But, I do really need to say something. I have to. So I mention that I spend as much time as I can staying up on what is going on over there, we'll be there for a while and what we are doing is so very important (short version).

Bother in Law - "Well, Little Missy, you obviously don't understand the situation.

Little Missy? Oh, hell no! I then stand up - Sharon jumps up, looks at me and then looks at him. I know her well enough to know that she was deciding if she should hold me back or hold him down. I'm willing to bet if I had made a move, she'd have been holding him down.

OK Tammi. Think clearly. You are in your best friend's new home, her husband's home. This is her new family. I don't want to do anything that will make it difficult for our friendship. But Little Missy?!?!?

So, I start walking through the door when BIL says - "If we would have just kept our noses out of things, everything would have been fine. We brought this on".

The earth stopped spinning.

Me: J, can you tell me what we, America did to deserve the bombings of the Embassy's? Bombings that took the life of many American's, one of which was a husband of a good friend of ours? Can you tell me what we, America, did to deserve the attack on the USS Cole? Can you tell me what we did to deserve an attack on the Pentagon and World Trade Centers? Nothing! Not One Damn Thing! And you know what, it's gonna happen again. Soon. If we don't destroy them, they are hell bent on destroying us and our way of life.

They disagreed. I walked out the door. They followed. Still disagreeing. Sharon walked me to the car. I've never heard her say "I'm Sorry" so often in the 25 years I've known her.

I told her that I hope I didn't cause any problems. Also, new rule. We Will Never Talk Politics around her husband or his family again. (unless I can bring a gun)

Little Missy?!? Don't know what's going on?!?! Screw you!


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