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Friday, June 18, 2004

Perfect Trip 

Well I made it. I'm safely ensconced in my old room after an "interesting" drive from Chicago Midway.

This was my first flight out of Orlando and wasn't nearly the event I thought it would be. We actually left right on time and, while not thrilled with that middle seat, had nice row partners and a good conversation passed the time. Ususally I get the exit row. I didn't think about it this trip - had a couple of other things on my mind. So I wasn't really prepared when the guy in front of my slammed his seat back soon after take off. After removing my knees from my ears I rearranged myself and, while not comfortable it was still bearable.

The highlight of the trip was the leg from Atlanta to Midway. I had an aisle seat sharing the row with a man and wife and their beautiful 1 year old daughter Jenny. Jenny is an angel. My angel. She didn't fuss one minute of the flight. Shortly after take off she decided to move to Daddy's lap and find out who this strange lady was sitting next to him. We introduced ourselves and had a nice "conversation". After a bit Jenny started getting sleepy. She reached out and grabbed my arm. She spent the entire flight asleep in her father's arms while petting mine. If they tried to shift her she would wake up and want to move closer to me. The feel of that little girl's hand on my arm was the most precious thing I've felt in forever. I had to turn my head so they wouldn't see the tears.

Her parents were afraid she was bothering me. I made sure they knew that wasn't the case. As we deboarded the plane I thanked them for a lovely trip and told them they will never know how their daughter had touched my heart. In baggage claim I was waiting for my luggage when I hear a little voice yelling - Uhhhh, Uhhh. I turn around and there is Jenny smiling and waving. At Me. Yeah, children are God's gift to us.

Anyway, Chicago has changed just enough that I struggled with the drive to 80/94 but managed to find my way. A nice evening playing games with the family and all seems right with the world.

I may have some "ghost" bloggers during this week. Treats for everyone!! Off now to have coffee with some of Mom's friends and a day of who knows what!


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