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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Personal Inventory 

As I get settled in I'm paying a bit more attention to the things I unpack. Oh I purged while I was packing, but what I'm thinking about now is WHY I saved the things I did.

I have the mandolin of my Father's that I told you about, but what about some of the other stuff (junk to some people) that I couldn't get rid of.

There's my awards from work. Some are pretty impressive, but the ones I have displayed are the humorous ones. For instance I have a Cert. of Appreciation from my brokers for getting my boss promoted. He was a tough cookie and pretty unforgiving of any issues. They were thrilled to see him go. So they thanked me.

There is the calendar my friend/customer bought me years ago - just has the day of the month, no years. It features a little saying for each day. Today's is "I will make the most I can of this day. I will not allow the events of this day to lead me, but I will call upon my inner strength for guidance." Then there is another little thought "Often, the most difficult thing to give is in." I love this type of thing. I love the fact that everyday it gives me something to say Hmmm about. I've had it for 7 years, you'd think I'd have the sayings memorized. But, I still love it. It made the trip.

I have all the notes my nieces have written and left around when they visit. They are all posted on my bulletin board. Right next to the front page from Sept. 23, 2001 stating that We Will Not Forget. It has all of the headlines from the week of Sept. 11th. I won't forget. I remind myself everyday. The notes remind me why it's so important that we continue this WOT. Why we must win. It's for my nieces that love me. Its for the children.

I have a blue cookie jar in the kitchen. It's pretty ugly, and doesn't go with anything in my house. I have it placed above the cupboards in a place of honor. I see it every time I walk into the kitchen. One of my oldest friends sent that to me as a wedding gift, all the way from San Diego. Its the only wedding gift I got. It reminds me that friends support friends. It reminds me of loyalty. I also have a little resin mirror that hangs in my guest room. I got that from the same friend. That was in honor of my divorce. Friends support friends. Loyalty matters.

I surround myself with things I love, things that have meaning, things that make me smile. I know that when I'm gone a lot of this stuff will just find it's way to the trash but meanwhile they are my treasured possessions. Even if their value is only to me.


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