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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Quick Update 

Well, I finally got to talk with the movers. Yes, they do exist AND they will be conducting my move. How 'bout this? On Saturday June 6 of this year!! I'm so excited.

You know it's bad when the guy in charge of corporate moving asked me who I pissed off! He said he cannot believe what has been going on (or not, as it were) with this whole thing - so he has authorized an expidited move and it will all be done this weekend. Knowing me - I'll have all the boxes unpacked and everything away by midnight Sunday. (I've already unpacked what I've carried over and even hung some stuff on the wall. It's starting to look homey already.)

Meanwhile - still trying to move clothes and stuff myself and am moving computers today. So....This will be the only post for today.

Also - I'm wanting to transfer all my old posts from this site to the new one - but am confused. If you know any shortcuts between MT & Blogger - or can help me understand how to move ONLY the posts - drop me an e-mail (link on the sidebar). My hope is to get everything converted by the middle of next week.

I'm ready to move on in more ways than one!!!


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