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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Saturday Question of the Day 

Every Saturday I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes:

As I sit here the night before FINALLY moving - I find myself doing something I don't usually do. Craving Chocolate. So - what is your favorite form of Chocolate?

Mine......right now I want a big slice of my infamous Coffee Toffee Chocolate cake. It's devils food cake with bits of toffee (generously) mixed it. Add in some sour cream to make it extra moist and a bit richer. For the frosting it's cream cheese and instant coffee. It may not sound like it - but it is the best chocolate cake I've ever had.

So - how do YOU satisfy that chocolate craving?


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