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Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Sgt. Hook is showing that generosity we have come to expect.

He and his crew have decided to make the children in Afghanistan a priority mission.

"It seems my crewdogs have already figured out a way to bring some joy, even if for only as long as it takes to eat a piece of candy, to the Afghani children, boys and girls alike. The conversation continued with concern for the children of this place as Coalition forces fight to rid the Taliban and other enemies of Afghanistan while brining stability to the region so as to allow democracy to flourish, there are the children, the children with no shoes on their feet.

Just about every flight engineer and crew chief has noticed over the course of flying across this place called Afghanistan these past months that a large percentage of the children have no shoes to wear and of course, almost all of the girls are shoeless.

So my esteemed friends of the blogosphere, in the spirit of Chief Wiggles and minding the words of the infamous Steve Miller Band, I announce the beginning of Operation Shoe Fly in an effort to shoe the children, with no shoes on their feet. If you can collect the shoes, used or new, boys' and girls' (age 14 and under), and send them to me, my crewdogs and I will fly them out to the Afghani kids who so desperately need them"

Go here and see how you can help.


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