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Monday, June 28, 2004

Some Nice Things 

Well I can't seem to access my own blog. Don't know if anyone else can but thought I ought to get something up in just in case. So I've taken a bit of time to browse the other great sites and found some interesting things to share.

First - Congratulations to Teresa's Husband. MBAs are not easy to come by. Lots of hard work and time. And it's a sacrifice for the entire family - so Congratulations to both Teresa and Blogless Husband!

Greyhawk may be state side enjoying a bit of family time, but that hasn't meant he's not posting great stuff. This is a link to a great story, Lunch with the Troops. Inspiring and humbling. Check it out.

Laughing Wolf asks What makes you feel old? For me, it's not so much seeing the children in my life become adults. It's not even feeling that occasional cramp in a muscle that shouldn't be there. What makes me feel old is ME! Yeah, I do it to myself everytime. No reason, no outside influences. Every once in a while I'll just say, Damn, I'm old. Going to have to stop doing that. :)

Operation Shoe Fly has it's own site!!Follow the link to Sgt. Hook's place and check it out. Have you been gathering up the shoes? Talking to your neighbors and friends about this? Get on it!! This is an easy one folks. BTW - To make it easy for you I've added this site to the top of my blogroll. No excuses now! :)

Go and read Lex's proud papa story. His daughter is some young lady!! So very glad you were there to share it with her Lex! Congratulations.

Matt at Blackfive is a proud Godfather. (Interesting thought don't you think - imagine having Matt as your Godfather.....the mind whirls with the possibilities.) And while you're there, follow the latest Someone You Should Know link, introducing us to Mr. & Mrs. Meyer. Wow.

That should get ya'll started on this Monday. Me, I've got pamphlets to finish and deliver, stores to visit and a trip to the DMV.


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