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Wednesday, June 16, 2004


I'm getting on a plane tomorrow morning and heading home for a week. This will be the longest time I've been in Indiana in over 2 years. Going to spend some time with old friends, meet some new ones face to face and basically get pampered.

You see, I am spoiled. I'll admit it, my mother treats me like a princess. And I like it! Last night we talked about what I want to eat while I'm home. I'm craving really fresh vegetables, pot roast, the type of things I just haven't had the time to fix myself. My sister is baking some rhubarb pies. My youngest niece is coming to the airport to pick me up so that we don't miss too much time together.

There will be coffee as soon as I wake up, and any number of little treats waiting for me. I don't care what anyone tells you - I'm the queen of my home, but being the princess at your parent's house is much much better.

I had wanted to have everything organized and neat as a pin when I left tomorrow. I love to come home to a really clean house. However the trip to Miami, a funeral in SW Florida, my boss' visit this week and a really important sales call kinda put a kink in that plan. I'm still not unpacked from Miami yet. My cousin was teasing me last night that it seems to be a constant quest of mine to find the time to unpack and actually put the luggage away for a while! Remember that really old song "Make up to Break up, that's all we do"? Well, in this house it's unpack to repack.

Anyway - I'm really looking forward to some quality time with my family. I'm taking the laptop so I can work while I'm there, need some advertising plans made up, a database to track shipments and some graphics for my newest member. I'm also FINALLY going to move the blog to the new site. **I have a confession - the delay is because I can't find my instructions and such. I filed them online in my AOL file cabinet and now can't access it from this laptop. Duh, why I didn't just print them out, I'll never know!**

So if posting is light for the next week you'll know what I'm up to. Just picture me, sitting in my mother's kitchen, cup of coffee in hand chatting while eating a piece of really good pie. Ahhhhh.....now THAT'S a vacation.


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