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Friday, July 02, 2004

I'm Just Gonna Do It!! 

Ok - I give up. Not only did I have to say Uncle at work, but now I'm saying Uncle on this "moving off of blogspot" situation.

As you all know, it's been pretty busy at Tammi's house lately. Add to that the fact that the desktop PC crashed (and burned) I'm stuck using the laptop for work. Kinda limiting, to say the least. So I've asked my blogging angle at BlogMoxie to bail me out. As it happens she's doing a bit of movin' around herself, but has promised aid when she gets settled.

So - rather than keep postin' where I don't want to be postin' I'm taking the jump.

Beginning Tomorrow all my new posts will be at the new site. I'll have a link up to this one for historical purposes until we get everything moved. (Yeah, don't want to lose any of these gems of wisdom, that's for sure!)

SO.......Harvey I beat that two week timeframe I put out there!!

Hope you all like the new site. Leave any suggestions if you want, I love suggestions!!


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