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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Never a Dull Moment 

First I have server issues this morning. Now I am being denied permission to post all together. AND I'm preparing for a visit by Frances, who is not looking like she's going to be a nice guest, in any way shape or form.

Regarding Frances, it's really pretty tense around these parts right now. We are still so raw from Charley, that Frances is going to put a few people over the edge. I know, I know - it seems too soon to panic. Please realize when I left my home this morning they were calling for her to hit Melbourne/Vero Beach (about 50 miles from Orlando) Saturday nite, and Orlando Sunday morning. They have moved that schedule up by one entire day.

Plus, this could be worse than many people realize. We still have a lot of debris and trash around. Hell, they're still working to get people back in power. If we get strong enough winds, that debris and trash becomes missiles. Add to that how everything is in a weakened state right now and it just doesn't look good.

I'll be deciding Friday nite if I'm leaving or not. No, I won't leave the state, I'll actually head south west to St. Pete. This weekend is one of the biggest sales weekends in our industry. I have to, if at all possible, be in almost everyone of my stores. If I leave Friday, and nothing hits Saturday I need to be able to get home quick and easy and hit all my stores. If it does hit, I need to be able to get home and assess the damage and figure out how to go on from there.

People are freaking. I had one customer tell me today that she is stretched as far as she can be stretched. She just wants to sit down and cry. I know exactly what she feels like. November can't come soon enough for me.

I used to tell everyone I was a redneck magnet. If there's a true redneck within 5 miles of me, he will find me and try and pick me up. Well, now I'm thinking we need to add hurricanes to that magnet list. 8 years on the coast and nothing. 4 months in Central Florida and 2 in 3 weeks. I'm starting to take this personal.


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