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Saturday, September 11, 2004

9/11 - Through Other's Eyes 

Read these links. They are posts that I've found with their thoughts and memories of 9/11. I will continue to update this post all day.

Johnny_Oh at Closet Extremist

Michele at Letters from NYC and again here

Harvey at Bad Example

Sgt. Missick at A Line in the Sand

Grim's Hall

Grey Hawk at Mudville, and here

Noble Eagle (with pictures)

Sarah at Trying to Grok

ALa71 at Blonde Sagacity

Bryan Strawser

Jennifer at Jennifer's History and Stuff

Laughing Wolf

Kat at The Middle Ground

Matt at Blackfive here and here and here

Boudicca's Voice

Da Goddess

Val Prieto at Babalu Blog

The People's Republic of Seabrook

Doc Russia at Bloodletting

Jim at Right Thoughts

Frizzen Sparks (warning graphic pictures)

Iraq War News (warning graphic video)

Dean at Dean's World (warning story has links to graphic photos)

Cool Blue Blog

Marine Moms

Lee Ann at Lee Ann's View

And I think Sgt. Hook pulls it all together just perfectly


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