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Friday, September 03, 2004

A Bit of Politics 

My "safe place" is wonderful. Except for I'm surrounded by Liberals. Yep - and we decided to watch the President's speech last nite.

I haven't had a chance to see any other reactions yet, but I thought he did fine. Wonderful, in fact. Do I agree with everything on the platform? No, but I didn't expect to.

The hard part was listening to the "chatter" during the speech. Oh, we are all very close, and agreed not to argue or anything, but I still held back. Every once in a while I'd pop out something but then draw away.

At the end of the evening my one friend says good night and heads to bed. Comes back in, gives me a kiss and says he loves me. Then he places a Kerry bumpersticker in front of the TV. It's still there.

He said he thought I might appreciate it. I said I did - in case I ran out of toliet paper I NEEDED something to wipe my ass with.

I deserve some serious credit for holding back. Oh we all know where each other stands on politics. No doubt about it. But we also respect that we each are entitled to our own opinion. That's what freedom is all about.

It could be an interesting weekend. Stay tuned to CNN - if you hear about a roof blowing off (unrelated to the storm) on the west coast of FL - it's just me! :-)


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