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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Headin' West 

I'm outta here in about an hour. It's time to unplug the laptop and finish packing the car.

Here is the latest from Bay News 9 outta Tampa.

This part got my attention:

Heavy rainfall and flooding will be a great concern in the Orlando area and in Polk County and in parts of eastern Pasco, Hernando, and Citrus counties.

Oh, and this:

In addition, near the track of the storm in Polk County and Orlando, destructive winds will occur. As the storm passes through Polk, it will likely remain a hurricane.

This hurricane is crossing the path of Charley. There's going to be a lot of damage (may qualify as the biggest understand of this year) and probable loss of life. HOWEVER, Charley did wake many up to the dangers of a storm like this, biggest one being there is no sure path. We know where it's going just about the time it's there.

I'll post if I can get a chance to once I'm settled. Keep us in your prayers, especially Pam and Boudicca down there in the SE of Florida.


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