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Monday, September 06, 2004

Hey - anybody got a bouy?!?! 

Hey everyone. No, I've not spent the last couple of days in a drunken blur. I just have had the worst communication issues - thanks Teresa and LW for keeping things updated and cleaning up for me. :)

What's going on? Hmmm let me see. It's windy. It's been raining. Yeah, that's about it.

No, seriously - Frances is still here, although not as strongly as last night. We're alright where I am, but I'm really worried about my house. Strong feeder bands just keep slamming that area. I told my friend yesterday I think there may be a problem with the radar, it must be broken as the yellow, orange, red spot just won't move off of that area.

I spoke with Bou regularly up until yesterday afternoon. Now I'm thinking the circuits might be over loaded. I have lost all cell signal, so there's no way to make any calls. But I got internet!! However, I had all the short cuts to my email and such loaded on my lap top and can't get to them. So - if you've sent me an e-mail I'll get to you when I can get to that site.

Flooding, winds, rain, tornados. Florida is not the place to be right now - but, I probably know less than ya'll about what's going on. Hoping to break free sometime soon and find out if I have a home.

Thanks to all of you for your kinds words and funny comments. :) I have the best blog friends!!

I'll try and get back on line soon. But we got 2 teenagers and 3 adults with only this as our source of entertainment. I'm thinking I might be back sometime around 2:00am!!

Take care and I'll update as I can.


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