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Saturday, September 04, 2004

"How Long Till My Soul Get's It Right"...... 

OK - I've been drinking martini's since 6:00 this evening and it's 2:00am now. That's all the warning you're gonna get with this post.

I have no idea what's going on in the world outside of this house. I saw earlier where Frances is not as strong, but slowing down. Not all that good a news, really. But I was serious in my earlier post. My friend has hidden the remotes and the only reason I'm posting now is that she just went in and passed out.

You'll be proud to know I only walked into the sliding glass door 2x times tonite. And I don't think the bruise over my eye will to TOOO noticable after makeup.

Tonite was everything I've needed for a long long time. We watched Glengarry Glen Ross during dinner. THE most painful movie a sales person could ever watch. Then came the music. Well, after ONE of us went and passed out (light weight). We listened to Ray Charles' new CD Duets (OUTSTANDING), then moved on to some of my favorite music in life - Marc Cohen, Bonnie Raitt, Van, Gallileo (by the Indigo Girls), Jackson Brown, Mary Chapin Carpenter - blues, blues, blues. Oh My Goodness.

All I kept thinking is this takes me back to my happiest time in life. We used to do this all the time, every weekend. Before I moved half a state away.

Anyway - I'm off to sleep now - but I had to tell you what a great evening it was. NOW I'll turn on the weather channel, then catch a bit of news. But for just a few hours - I had such a good time!


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