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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Hurricane Frances - More 

Boudicca has the latest from her part of the state.

Let me tell you about Central Florida.

Not Good.

We are hearing landfall (possibly Friday) at Vero Beach/South Melbourne. They are calling for a mandatory evacuation of Brouvard County on Friday. Maybe sooner. No Rooms. No Where to go. To late to leave Florida unless you're flying out.

The latest I've heard is landfall Vero/Melbourne - travel across central Florida and exit around Tampa moving towards Pensacola/Alabama. As we all know that could change (again) so EVERYONE needs to keep an eye on this bad boy (or girl as it were).

The eye is 22 miles across and she is a very well organized system. Sustained winds at 140mph with gusts of 170mph. This one make Charley look like a wanna be.

I'll keep posting as I have more information. Have to finish preping the house, calling customers (business never stops) and generally keep from panicking.

If you're anywhere near this baby you will need: WATER, Ice, babywipes, Toliet paper, non-perishable food. Change of clothes. Personally, I'm adding Cigarettes and alcohol to my list, but that's just me.

This ain't good. Not at all. Still no power in a lot of areas. Still trash and debris sitting around that will become airborn and lethal in those kinds of winds. It's moving fast enough that you need to make up your mind what you're doing and COMMIT. If you're staying, make it safe. If you're going. Go now. If this thing completely changes it's route then better safe than sorry.


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