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Monday, September 13, 2004

I Just Don't Get It 

This evening I finally had time to really go back and read some posts that I was interested in, follow all the links - you know, really study things.

So I found these two links over at Bonfire this past weekend. I had left a comment on the first one when I first read it, but I hadn't had the time to really read the comment thread.

It was a link to a post on the DU (no, I won't link to it - I don't want them following the link here). Now, many of you have been reading that stuff and posting on it. I'll be honest - I don't usually follow the link to that site, as I don't need to aggravate myself like that. However, after reading what Bonfire said, I really did want to understand.

I sat here reading in complete surprise. It was like being sucker punched. These people were saying I had no right to mourn what happened in NYC on 9/11/01 because I don't live there. They said my grief and rage were fake, a front to excuse my ignorance and desire for war. What?!?! What???

Honestly, I'm amazed. Maybe it's because that thought process is so alien to me. Maybe that's why I feel so stupid for not realizing the level of hatred out there. And they do - they hate ME because I'm from a small town, because I cry when I think of 9/11 and because I support President Bush. How can they hate ME when all I've done is exercise my love for this country, my fellow citizens and my right to free thought and speech? How does that make me such a bad person?

I've known that there are those out there that are so fired up over this election that they "hate" anyone that disagrees with them. I've seen the passion felt by those that hate President Bush. But these comments, from what I could tell, come from people that live in NYC. They are angry that so many of us were so deeply effected. They belittle our memorials, our tributes. They want to deny me my right to mourn. They actually believe that because I wasn't there, physically in the city I couldn't possibly understand.

There was a comment posted talking about firefighters in Indiana that during a festival were wearing tshirts and hats that said FDNY. They said they were wanna be's that had probably never seen so much as a trailer fire. My sister is a firefighter in Indiana. She's seen a hell of a lot more than A trailer fire. Her grief on 9/11/01 was real. She also lost her partner that day. They run that risk in every fire department and police department every single day. The firefighters and police across this country are brothers and sisters. They suffered the losses right along with the firefighters and police in NYC. How DARE these people belittle their feelings.

Maybe I'm naive. Maybe I'm too optimistic. Maybe I just don't get it. But I'll never understand the ugliness that these people put in writing. In writing. It's there for anyone to read. I'll be honest. I stay away from sites that are extremist, for either side. I won't be a party to that.

I'm a single, conservative woman. I support our military and my country with all that is in me. I am a Christian. I come from a small town and have been fortunate enough to see much of this world. I will express my views without apology.


I will not belittle you if you do not agree with me, or hold the same values as I do. I will not condemn you simply because of where you were born, where you live, what race you are, or what beliefs you hold. And I choose not to tolerate those that do these things. I refuse to allow the hatred to breed in me. There is enough evil in this world - I will not be a part of it.


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