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Friday, September 17, 2004

I Know You're Wondering..... 

Just what's going on with my unwanted guest. Well, I have to admit I haven't been in the garage since his arrival on Wednesday. Nope. The car is sitting out in the driveway.

First I want to thank all those that left suggestions. Damn, some of them sound pretty good. And I wish I could get someone over here to deal with this. But, alas, it's up to me. I gotta be a grown up.

So....as much as I hate to say this, I'm goin' in.

Tonite I'm going to run to Wal-Mart (ouch) and buy some more shelving units for the garage. That will allow me to get more of my work stuff up off the ground and get more organized. But you need to picture this. I have to move all the stuff first to make room for the shelves. The snake and spiders are there. SO.....I think I'm going to use the long pole/net thing from my pool. Just push or lift everything from a distance. That should be great entertainment for the neighbors. Add in the fact that I'll be doing the snake/spider dance the entire time. Maybe I should suggest they get the video recorders ready.

Then, after I get the shelves up and stuff shook out (to make sure the critters are gone) I'm going to sweep everything out. Then I can finally call the pest control. If I called them first it wouldn't do any good. Too much stuff in the way.

Oh, did I tell you what kind of spiders I got? No, well here's a couple examples. We got Banana spiders. I don't know why they are in my garage - it ain't a garden and there are no banana's there, but I got a few of those. I got Daddy-longlegs (the non poisonous ones) I found some jumping spiders and after that I stopped looking.

So, I'm sure you're wondering where all these flippin spiders came from and why I have so many. One word folks. Hurricanes. Two to be exact. I keep saying that it's not just humans that lose their homes during these storms. Nature is also pretty screwed up. These critters need someplace to settle, and it just so happened they like my garage.

Well, not for long. The other little trick I'm going to try comes from Mama Vi. I'm going to get a couple boxes of smelly moth balls and place them in strategic locations in the garage. Supposedly that will keep them out. Pest control will get rid of them, but nothing really keeps them out, not in a garage setting.

Now, help me remember.....I wanted a house because of why??????


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