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Thursday, September 16, 2004

It Broke My Heart 

So I'm driving back from my customer's today (another post in itself) and traffic gets really bad just west of Orlando. It's 7:30pm so I know it's not rush hour. What?? I'm tired, I've had a physically exhausting day and I just want to get home! mumble mumble mumble

Then I see them.

A caravan of 30 tree trimming trucks, all from North Carolina, heading North West.

I can't say I know for certain, but I'm sure they are headed to the panhandle.

These 30 crews of men, that left their families, and their homes, to come down here and help us get our cities back together after Charley and Frances did their damnedest. These 30 crews of men off to more heat, mosquitoes, miserable conditions. Now, I realize they are making some money off these storms, but they deserve every dime they are getting and then some.

But driving past that caravan, knowing that where they are going is going to need so much help to regroup. It broke my heart.


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