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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

It's OK 

I'm finally home. I didn't come home last night, as it was late in the day by the time the bridges opened, Tampa was still a mess and I didn't want to arrive home to a dark house, in case any windows were out and I had critters wandering around.

This morning I headed out in what turned out to be a very very long drive. It took a bit over 4 hours to make what is usally a 1 1/2 hr drive. Everyone was trying to get home.

It doesn't look as bad as after Charley's visit. Not as much debris - at least where I've been - and I was starting to loose that knot in my stomach. I realized I probably stood the hurricane alright, it's just the severe storms that hung around so long afterwards.

As I got off the exit, you could tell we'd taken a beating. But as I got closer to my development I was more and more optimistic. Yes, trees were down, yes, there was standing water, broken signs, but no worse than Charley.

I pulled into my development - trees down, but they were young trees so not surprising. I live in the very back so the drive around was actually helpful. Screens still standing - and the pool cages are usually the first to go, as they aren't all that sturdy.

As I pulled up to my house I just exhaled. For the first time since I drove away on Thursday - huge sign of relief. Oh, I've got some damage, but nothing serious and nothing I can't handle.

I got in the house. Hot. But I have power. I cranked up the air and started my inspection. I had filled the tubs and sinks with water before I left - just in case. It's kinda tropical in the house. 90 degrees with all that standing water - almost sauna like. But I don't care. I don't care one bit. Checked everything out and it's ok. Opened the blinds to the back yard and first thing I noticed is the lake behind the house that wasn't there before. Hmmm, I didn't really want this kind of water front property, but again, nothing I can't live with. Pool screen is fine, no windows gone. Yeah - it's alright. The natures preserve behind me took another serious beating, but that's ok too.

So - I've now got to make room to manuver through this place. Leaving everything battened down until Ivan makes up his mind on what he plans on doing. We should have a better idea by Saturday.

I did get a 30 second call from Boudicca. Her cell service is really bad, but it was great to hear her voice!!! She and the family are ok. Her husband's business took a hit, and we got cut off while discussing the details but keep that situation in your prayers. I know a bit of how he feels - I lost some customers during this. Stores are gone. No way to reopen. Let's just hope and pray it's not that bad for her and her husband.

Anyway - wanted to get something up letting ya'll know I survived another one!! Still not able to post to my new site. My blog angle is actually located near Boudicca - so it'll be a while before things get sorted out. I'm going to call the hosting company again this afternoon - but I don't know anything about how the new site is set up so I don't know if I can get it fixed. Arrgghhhh.

But it's all relevant. I got a roof over my head, cool air around me, a car and a cell phone. WONDERFUL Friends and a great family. All in all - I'm doing just fine!!!!


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