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Monday, September 13, 2004

Lies Beget Lies, and so on and so on...... 

I haven't said anything so far about the Rather documents and the outrage throughout the blogshpere. But I've been reading. Oh, yes I have.

Today I found Kerry Spot on NRO and I liked it. I liked it alot.

What I especially liked was this piece, This Is A Defence , written by Jim Geraghty, reviewing Dan Rather's response to the critisim that aired Friday evening.

Here's a piece of the picture. Actually it's Rather talking to Jim Moore (author of two books critical of President Bush and his service in the National Guard). Mr. Geraghty's comments are italizied.

Mr. JIM MOORE (Author): So there's no doubt in my mind that these documents are stating accurately what we know took place from the records that are available.

RATHER: Put it in context and perspective for us, the story and the — what we'll call the counterattack

'Counterattack'? Feeling a little defensive, Mr. Rather on the story. Where are we right now?

Mr. MOORE: Well, I think what has happened is that some incriminating documents have come out. The White House, I should — you should remember, has not discredited the documents.

So what? How on earth would the White House know whether or not Killian kept personal documents?

They're relying on the blogosphere and other people to do that because the White House probably knows that these documents are, in fact, real.

Objection, your honor! Idle speculation by the witness, who is now claiming the power of telepathy and the ability to read the minds of White House staffers!

Oh, go read the whole thing. I found it very interesting, especially since I missed the original showing on Friday.


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