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Friday, September 17, 2004

No No No No NO 

OK - THIS is getting personal. It shows the path that Ivan took and the projected path of Jeanne. Now, again, I fully realize that it's early and no reason to panic. However, that does not mean don't pay attention.

I saw that map this morning, then this one and just threw my hands in the air. I quit. All Done. No More. There is NO PLACE in the state that one can go and not deal with debris and damage. The only thing left is Chicago - and I don't have time for that right now.

So, Jeanne, if you're listening - Go AWAY!!! You are NOT welcome here. Nothing personal, just turn your windy ass around and head out to sea. We've had enough.

UPDATE 7:30pm 9/17: Well, I guess I told her! According to the latest tracker Jeanne will NOT turn west into Florida. She's heading out to sea. Yeah.

I guess she didn't want to tangle with a 6'2" red head, out to protect her territory. *hrumph*


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