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Thursday, September 02, 2004

No Where To Run 

Yeah Bou, we're fucked.

There is NO WHERE to go. No where.

Look at the size of this bitch.

Frances is going to cover the state of Florida. No Where will see less than Cat. 1 hurricane strength winds.

No Where to go.

mandatory evacs are in process. If you're not being made to leave, stay the hell at home. Stay off the roads. There is a reason school is out today and tomorrow. STAY OFF THE ROADS.

Around here the Florida Refuse trucks are everywhere. Trying to pick up as much of the debris as they can. It's not going to help much.

I'm worried about Bou. I'm worried about all my friends right on the east coast. Hell, I'm worried about my friends still trying to clean-up from Charley.

Last night I went out looking for dinner. I ended up driving some back roads down by Haines City that took such a hit. The piles and piles of debris. Houses with the blue tarps, covering the gaps in their roofs. It's not going to be pretty. At this point, in these areas, even Tropical Storm strength winds are devastating.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm grateful to Charley. He woke the people in this state up to the dangers of these types of storms. EVERYONE is taking this very seriously. Charley may actually save more lives than he took.

I over heard a couple of conversations yesterday. One lady was saying that her friends roommate works for the government in Orlando. They sent people home at noon yesterday. They were told to make their homes and families secure and if they had a brain in their heads they'd leave the state of Florida.

My development is mostly short term tourist rentals. Very new, very nice homes. Rented out by the week to families coming to Orlando. The property management company has told the tourists they have to evacuate. No choice. So there were 2 couples at the smoke shop, one from NY one from Great Britain. They were asking the store manager what they could do. She gave them 2 choices. 1) go to Chattanooga, beautiful and safe. 2) Go Home.

I ended up working most of yesterday, phone calls, emails, reports and such. Today I'll finish with the house. I'm putting some of my more precious items in the car, and others in closest that are safe. I'm going to decide tonite if I'm going or if I'm staying. At this point, I'll probably stay. Now, I'm sure you think I'm nuts after my reaction to Charley, but keep in mind - there is NO PLACE THAT WON'T BE EFFECTED. Why would I take my car, drive someplace, park it OUTSIDE and take the chance that it will be totaled. I really can't be buying a new car anytime soon. I need the car to work. See where I'm going with this.

I'm looking at the "after". I'm worrying about next week. When Frances is gone, I'll need to function. To do that I need 3 things. Two of which are easy - my cell phone and my car. So, I need to decide what's best for AFTER.

Anyway - today is shaping up to be very busy. Don't know how much posting there will be from here on out, but I'm sure I'll get something out there.


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