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Friday, September 10, 2004

Not Healthy, Just Good 

In my search for a quick and easy recipe for the Carnival of the Recipes last night I made a discovery. Every recipe I have, ever dish I'm "known" for feeds a crowd. And none of them are really "healthy" in today's standards.

My mother always made sure there was more than enough food on the table. The worst thing that could happen is for someone to walk away hungry. It didn't happen in our house. Even if it was a simple dinner of vegetables from the garden, they were plentiful. (and creative).

When I got married, I always had a crowd to feed. My ex, the three boys, and usually at least 2 or 3 of my in-laws. On the weekends, I never had less than 5 or 6 kids in the house, not to mention the line-men that my husband would bring home like stray puppies. I learned to cook LARGE. REALLY LARGE.

A normal meal for me would be 2 meatloafs, 10-15 lbs of potatoes (depending on how I fixed them), two or three vegatables and a loaf of fresh bread. Dessert was a must, and I'd usually do a couple of cakes each week, along with "special desserts" that were often requested.

When the kids grew up and didn't come over as often, I still had to cook large. For just my ex, me and 2 of the boys I'd fry up 12 porkchops and never have left overs. A large dutch oven of sauce was never enough.

Hell, Sunday morning breakfast would be a large cast iron skillet of sausage gravy and 40 biscuits. Usually they ran out of biscuits and used toast! They were big boys, and they liked to eat.

So now that I'm alone it's a tough transition. My sauce doesn't have a real recipe. I make it by touch, using the same basics. Oh, I'll try to par down, but end up with enough sauce to last 6 months. I do the same thing with stew and soups. Heck, I could start my own soup kitchen if I get on a roll!!

So just bear this in mind folks, as you read my recipes. Anything I post will make a lot of food. And when I write out the recipe it's from memory, so I don't cut it in half. And you can feed 6 easy. Yeah, it's a lot of food.

And I don't cook "healthy". I cook good. It's a combination of southern and Italian. It sticks to your ribs and fuels those fires to keep the energy up. I cook for taste. If you sit down at my table don't expect low carb anything. What you'll find is down home food that will satisfy your hunger.

I love to cook. I love to have a table groaning with the weight of the food and a group of people sitting around enjoying it. I bake breads, and cakes and pies. I fry food. I use real sugar. I don't skimp on much of anything.

So if you try one of my recipes thats just something to keep in mind. You'll not lose a lot of weight on my suggestions, but you will eat real good!


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