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Friday, September 03, 2004

Safe and as Unsound as Ever 

Well, posting will be a bit iffy. I'm safe and sound on the west coast of Florida watching everything like the rest of you.

I left yesterday and am staying with my family. If nothing else, there will be a lot more laughing going on that during Charley.

I see Bou is doing pretty good. (excuse the lack of linking, I'm on a temporary set up and working with Dial-up.) It looks like Frances is going to hit around Vero Beach, which is NOT good for the Orlando area at all. The waiting is aweful. We just want it over with.

Some thoughts I've had the past day or so:

I keep seeing Frances-US, still a threat. Is it just me, but that kinda cracks me up. Hell, I know that France is NO threat the the US. :) (get it, just make France plural....oh never mind - blame it on the stress)

As I was leaving the house, I walked through to make sure I had everything battened down. I was having a conversation with the house. I promised it that if it would just stand tall and proud and BE THERE when I get home I'd give it a really good cleaning and treat it to new candles. I really believed it was buying into all that. Until I was backing out of the drive. I swear the house was wearing a smirk. Honestly, I think it's planning on having a party while I'm gone and inviting the other houses over to play. I hope to hell they pick up after themselves. (ok, you gotta hear it to get the punch line)

Anyway - I'll post as I can. I'm glad to see that things are looking better for Bou and the SE Florida folk. But we still need to keep an eye on things. It ain't over til it's over.


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