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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Sun Rise 

Yesterday was a somber day. Between remembering and honoring those we have lost, and watching Ivan the Terrible there was not a lot of smiling or laughter.

As the sun slowly creeps above the horizon this morning it really does feel like the dawning of a new day - in several ways.

While I did not allow myself to be completely engulfed in the replays from 9/11 three years ago, I did spend a lot of my day remembering what happened and acknowledging where we are now in this war on terror. I cried a lot. But this morning I find myself even more resolved, even more focused on who the enemy is and how important it is that we finish what they have started.

As for Ivan, even though it's too soon to completely relax I read this and exhale. Just a little. Just enough to free myself from the rigid state of paralysis that I've been trapped in for the past couple of days. Oh, I'm not unpacking anything, I'm not setting up the pool deck yet, by I am breathing again.

Now my prayers go to those in North Florida - the Panhandle. I have friends there. I have friends that have loved ones there - and I wouldn't wish a storm like this on anyone. Ever.

But here, today I've opened the curtains. Both literally and figuratively. I got up, put on the coffee, moved everything away from the sliding glass door and had my coffee out by the pool. I enjoyed the fresh morning air, the light as it began to fill the sky. I came in and opened all the blinds throughout the house. I opened the sliders up and the family room is filled with the sounds and smells of morning.

I have my favorite music on the CD player. I'm not going to listen to the news this morning. This morning is for relief, for routine. I'll putter around. I'll do what used to be habit on Sunday mornings. I might even run to the store and pick up something special for breakfast.

I'll turn on the news this afternoon. I'll still keep an eye on Ivan. But for just a few hours this morning I'm claiming my life back.


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