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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Tammi and Bou Sitting Out the Hurricane  

This is Teresa posting for my blog sis's Tammi and Boudicca.

I just talked to Tammi a few minutes ago and she had just talked to Bou.

Bou and her family have made it through the worst of the storm. They finally lost power at about 10pm last night, a little house damage, but nothing major. At one point they were afraid that the storm shutters were going to go - and they all hunkered down in the hallway. Then the worst of the wind passed and though they lost their trees, and the roof will need some work, things are looking pretty good. However, they are pretty much stranded on an island because of all the water that has been dumped on West Palm.

Tammi said the storm is about to begin in earnest on her end, but she's fine. They just closed the bidges in town and the wind is picking up. She's spending the storm doing a bit of quality togetherness time with her family *grin* but at least she's not alone! The family, however, is having a hard time keeping her away from the television as she wants to try and see how bad it is in Orlando.

Both of them are wishing this storm would just get a move on and get done, so they can get started cleaning up. Can't say I blame them!

So, that's the latest from both sides of the State of Florida. Stay tuned. If there is a phone connection I'll be talking to Tammi again tomorrow for the latest update.


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